What is Youtube Content ID?

Content ID is a technology which enables the system to recognize music and assign it to the rights holder.

What is AdRev?

AdRev is a Youtube Partner where an artist can register his works and administer it.

I have licensed a music track:  Why do I get a message from Youtube with “matched third party content”?

First you do not have to worry too much about that message. It only says that you are using music from a third party provider. That´s fine and you don´t get a copyright strike for that. BUT you have to act as Youtube until now does not know if you own a license for that music or not.

When you get this message you are not able to monetize your videos right now.


How can I clear the “matched third party content” claim?

1.) Directly via AdRev
They have an own form for that: https://adrev.net/contact-us
By using the form from AdRev they will clear the copyright claim within 24 hours (normally). You have to submit the license document you get from us. So they can be sure that the music was licensed properly.

2.) Via your Youtube Account
You can clear the claim also directly over your Youtube Account. Just head over to the Video Manager from your Creators Studio Section. You will see the link “matched third party content” this is a link and you have to click on it. Next click the link “file is a dispute” and select the radio box “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material” now click continue. Next you have to explain shortly why you have made this decision. You can use the following statement:

“I have legally purchased a license for the music via www.hartwigmedia.com. As proof I paste the following invoice number “PASTE INVOICE NUMBER FROM LICENSEDOCUMENT HERE”.

Normally the claim will be released within 24 – 96 hours by Youtube.

3.) Use our form at Hartwigmedia (FormYoutube Clearance)
Just fill out the form at our site and we will do the rest.Go to the form here.

Can I get a Pre-Clearance before I get a claim?

Yes you can by doing the following:

  • Upload your video to your channel – choose the option “not listed”
  • when choosing that your video will be uploaded but the link to your video will not be generated
  • after that just follow the instructions above how to remove a copyright claim

Can I get a clearance for my whole Youtube Channel?

Also this is possible. Therefore you need at least 5 licensed music tracks from us running on your channel. Then we will be able to clear your channel for now and ever. If you want to do so please use our form at our site to get in touch with us. This is only possible if your channel is free from copyright claims.

Where can I find my license document?

We create a license document for you with every commercial license you purchase. This is sent by E-mail to your provided mail adress.
Free Downloads won´t get any license document.

How does this work with the Free-Download?

Of course you can continue to use the Free-Download music also on Youtube. You do not have to do anything when getting a copyright claim from us. AdRev will place automatically advertising on your videos and that´s it. If you do not want to have advertising you have to get a license from us and clear the video as described above.

Why do we use Content ID?

For a long time we have refused to use systems like Content ID. But sadly we have learned that some people and companies have registered our music on their own behalf. That is not acceptable! It was even not possible for us to release copyright claims for our customers as we did not had any more control over our own works.

Therefore we have decided to register our property with AdRev and use Content ID from now on. As we know that this means additional work for you to release a claim we believe that this is the only way on Youtube for us to be able to support our customers and help them when getting a claim.

We hope for your understanding. We are happy that we are able to help you in case of copyright claims and are available anytime for questions and support!

In case of further questions get in touch: support@hartwigmedia.com