C64 Musik

In 1986 Stefan Hartwig began his first try composing for computer games and demos for PC´s like VC20,16 and 116 but aiming at the Commodore C64. Until 1991 he composed many Musicdemos and Musicintros and Music for Games like Turrican (Loader Tune/Rainbow Arts), Tie Break/Logo/Sarakon/Crime Time (Starbyte), Myth (Loader Tune/System 3) and different other games from Byteriders and Digital Excess.

Beside that he was a member of C64 Demogroups like Lazer, Annex, Warriors of Darkenss, FPS (future power system) and Seven Eleven. After the typical SID (sound interface device) of the C64 was replaced by the 1987 Commodore Amiga in wide ranges, Stefan began to setup his own home studio and started producing music for Commercials and Radio Stations.