Custom Music Productions

When doing a custom music production we are able to fit the music to the project. This is a big advantage instead of using our production music library. 

Of course your project will shine with custome music even more than with stockmusic and stands out of the crowd. This is a vital point as a perfect fitting music production can lift your project above other maybe similiar productions. Music can be the key to the success of your production.

We help you to tell your story where words fail.

We provide you with:

  • royalty free music – free from claims and rights of third persons
  • exclusive usage rights
  • perpetual usage rights
  • worldwide usage rights
  • usage for all media like Internet, TV, Cinema


Custom Jingles and Audiologos

A brand is also defined by it´s audiovisual content. We can provide this high quality content with our over twenty years professional experience in creating audio for a wide variety of media and applications.

In todays fast living world it is vital to get the right attention from your potential customers. The awareness can be easier achievend when a brand is also hearable. This can be some catchy tones or a short melody line. The art is to fit the brand and the audio together – to melt them and make them one.

In close cooperation with our customers we will find the right sound for your brand and make it stand out of the crowd.

Get in touch with us and tell us your vision: